Infocash Chris Carpenter

Infocash Chris Carpenter
Infocash Chris Carpenter

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Made £ 150 on stock market this week!

On the new site give me money I have a section on the subject of buying shares. This at the moment is one of my oldest methods for making money from home.

I made about 12% on a share called APR Energy minus the costs it worked out to around 10%.

My initial stake was £ 1500 (not a massive amount by any standards) but enough for me.

This is also tax free because I use a stocks and shares ISA.

Just thought that I would post this as a record for the site give me money and to get some of you out there realising that there is money to be made………. I will also post any losses that I make.

I am still looking for a product to sell and will have to start making a shortlist soon.

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