Infocash Chris Carpenter

Infocash Chris Carpenter
Infocash Chris Carpenter

Friday, 16 August 2013

making money with clickbank

Clickbank How is everybody making money on it.

I have just started using Clickbank to see if I can make any money on it. There a couple of things that I have found.

Exposure: If you don’t already have a website at the top of the search results your product will not be found. To work around this you will have to use something like Adwords to drive traffic to you site. This is not such a bad thing as the traffic will be targeted. But there is cost involved.

The second is that you need to be selling a quality product. If the product is not desirable or quality the customer will ask for a refund.

I is possible to make money with clickbank but you will most likely have to invest some money.Thats not unusual in business .

Friday, 2 August 2013

Classy mens aftershaves

Classy mens aftershaves.

Just been thinking about becoming a fragrance affiliate. Not sure really how it is going to work but going to give it a go. Aftershaves are something that I am very interested in so it makes sense. I am finding that selling things that I am interested in is much easy than trying to sell things that I am not.

Not sure how much money I can make from this.