Infocash Chris Carpenter

Infocash Chris Carpenter
Infocash Chris Carpenter

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Give me money- Gabion Stone Suppliers

Been away a little while! I need to start the posts again it seems so long since I did the last update. One idea that I have come up with is freelancing or in reality becoming an agent.

The problem arises when you try and find the right product to sell! I have come up with a solution.

“It doesn’t matter what product you sell”

It really comes down to finding a company that needs a sales person, and has a good product to sell. You will have to find these companies yourself as most employment companies won’t touch freelance.

This is something that I am seriously looking at!

My first stop is gabion stone, something that I have sold in the past.

Cheers for now

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