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Infocash Chris Carpenter
Infocash Chris Carpenter

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Give Me Money ! Share Dealing From Home

Been asked a few times now whether share dealing from home is any good for making money? My experience of this is as follows.

The short answer is this............... yes!

The long answer .........................yes it is!

I have made far more money from dealing in shares than I have lost However I did study the market and read quite a few books before stating down this road.

as I have already stated on the give me money main website1 I have been trading with around 2K to 4K budget per trade. This is by no means big money but on average has netted me around £ 300.00 per month that’s on average mind you.

I did and you should expect to as well go through some loosing patches also. The question or rather the action to be taken here is to identify and get out quick. When I say identify I mean find out why the share is going down! It will usually be because a company ( the stock) has released a bad statement.

On the give me money website there are two books that I recommend that anyone who is thinking about trading on the stock market reads.

the first one is the Naked Trader by Robbie Burns...... Brilliant and so easy to read!

the second is Come into my trading room By DR Alexander Elder.

They both hit the mark by looking at the market from different angles........In my opinion

You do need to get a feel for the markets. And you do need to spend a bit of time on the subject.

 But read the books. The link is here. give me money

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